PVPA's structure is to offer clients highly competitive hourly rates, project based fixed prices or retainer rates, allowing you to only pay for the services you need, dependant upon your business requirements.


Hourly rates are ideal for occasional support and offer flexibility without any commitment involved.   Rates vary according to the work required and are rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes.  Time is tracked so that you know exactly your spend at any given point, supported with regular cost updates.

If you need help with some adhoc work, contact us to discuss further.


If you have a regular need for our services, then our Retainer Package is the right option.  We offer variable rates, depending upon the hours and work required to suit the needs of your business.  The benefit to you is that you guarantee our time for a set number of hours, you know what you get for your money and you are able to budget accordingly.


Hourly rates are offered on a reducing scale – the more hours required, the lower the rate - please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and put together the right package for you.


A set fee is the best option for you if you need assistance for a single project or have a specific task.  Get in touch with us so that we can discuss your requirements in greater detail and we will then prepare a quotation for you detailing the work involved and our fee.


We invoice weekly for hourly work, monthly in advance for retainer packages and either monthly or at the end of a project/task, whichever is the sooner, for a project.

On-site support would incur additional costs.

Terms are strict 14 days.