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Business Support As and When Needed

PVPA is an efficient, well organised and highly professional Administration Company;  

formed from the belief that the 35 years’ experience from working as both a director

and in senior administrative roles for a diverse range of companies

– from Executive Recruitment, Finance, Retail and Education -

would be an asset to any potential client, whether large or small, Entrepreneur or a new business.


We understand how to run a business and the complexities involved. 

By taking ownership of the essential, albeit time-consuming and laborious administration tasks,

PVPA’s executive PA support and assistance gives you the opportunity to refocus

your valuable time and attention on the important demands of your business.



Advantages to you, the Client

There are so many good reasons to use the business support offered by PVPA.  

The obvious benefits are that you are getting your own Executive level Personal Assistant,

as and when you need, but without the headache (and cost) of employing one.

You know exactly how much it will cost you, you do not have to worry about holiday cover,

pension contributions, sick leave, providing equipment - the list is endless.

You are free to do what is important - run your own business.

Plus you have the value of a qualified, experienced high calibre administrator, 

supporting you and your business needs.






Organised and Efficient

The Executive PA services we offer encompass the whole PA remit - from managing your busy diary, making sure you are in the right place at the right time, ensuring your documentation looks good and wins you business.​

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The Support You Deserve

The back-office functions are a necessary evil - they need to be done to ensure the smooth and profitable running of your company – but can take up so much of your valuable time.  We can look after your office - raise your invoices, assist with the accounts, keep control of expenses, get bills paid. ​